What is Friends Helping Friends?

We like to think that it is in our DNA to have the desire to help the people we know who are struggling. Maybe it's because we've been there, or maybe because it's hard for us to even imagine the pain and hardship that people experience. That's why Friends Helping Friends was created. In the simplest way, we provide financial assistance to our members’ friends who have fallen on hard times. We give money and pay bills for people who are struggling.

It may change some day, but we’ve been an all-volunteer charity for over 40 years. 100% of our net income goes toward helping our friends and sustaining the charity.  The only people who get assistance from our organization are our Members’ friends in need

  • We’ve been around for over 40 years.

  • We will soon be giving away our one-millionth dollar of assistance.

  • All donations and money raised go to help our friends in need and to strengthen, improve and expand the charity. So we’ll be around to help our friends for another 40+ years.

How does FHF work, you ask? 

The Members of Friends Helping Friends, who each donate at least $150 each year into the charity, can submit up to two requests every year to FHF, asking that financial assistance be given to someone they know.  Any Member can sponsor a friend for assistance by submitting a simple “Request for Assistance Application” that explains the situation and the need, then FHF’s Criteria Committee and the Board quickly review it for approval.  Once approved, help is immediately on the way!  The process takes days, not weeks.  With the money raised by Member Donations, Corporate Sponsors, and Fundraising Events, FHF provides assistance to dozens each year.  We also ask Members to attend at least one FHF Fundraiser Event each year.

Depending on the verified need, Friends Helping Friends can provide up to $2,400 per year to a friend in need. The assistance can come in any combination of One-Time Payments, Monthly Assistance, or Matched Member Donations (up to the max annual giving per Recipient of $2,400).

One-time payment of verified bills that are immediately due:

Up to $1,800. Give us a medical bill, a past due electric bill, or a rent/mortgage invoice and we’ll pay it. Instant relief and peace of mind. 

Matched member Donations:

Up to $500. Another great Member benefit at FHF. FHF will match the donations you raise yourself, to double the financial assistance for your friend in need. For example, you (and perhaps together with friends, neighbors, family) raise money to help a friend, then FHF will match your donation, providing up to an additional $500.

Monthly Assistance FOR ONGOING NEEDS:

Up to $200 per month, for up to twelve months. To help with ongoing bills, or we often provide gift cards which can be used for gas, groceries, etc.

Special Fundraising Events: 

 As we all know, sometimes $1,800 upfront or a few hundred per month just isn’t enough.  For those difficult situations, a Member of Friends Helping Friends can partner with FHF to host a special “private” fundraiser where 100% of the event profits go to the person or family in need.  In the past, a few of these events have raised well over $10,000.  That’s the power of Friends Helping Friends!


it's that simple.


40 years later.

We've figured out that we're better off together. 



Back in 1977, a small group of close friends from Cleveland’s West Side got together for a casual Christmas lunch. Afterwards, they all threw in money to pay the bill. There was far more money than the bill required, so they decided to help out some of their friends in need. They made it an annual tradition and invited a new friend each year to the lunch. That simple act of generosity and kindness is how Friends Helping Friends got started.  Since our humble beginnings, FHF has raised and given away over $800,000 to hundreds of people who’ve fallen on hard times.  Will you please help us write another chapter in Our Story?  


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