Sometimes Friends Just Need A Helping Hand . . .

Humans are wired for compassion – we see a friend, a family member, or a neighbor in need and we want to help. It’s just our nature. We don’t always know how to help, but 40 years ago a small group of friends figured out that they could create a way. And that group – having grown to over 60 members – continues to this day. In fact, we will soon be giving away our millionth dollar of assistance!

Our approach.

We actively seek individuals to become participating members in our charity. Our members each make an annual contribution of at least $150, then at any time during the year, they can recommend financial assistance for a friend who is facing unexpected hardships. It’s that simple. Take a look at How We Help for more details. (Please note that we do not accept direct requests. Recipients must be sponsored by one of our active participating members.)

 What makes us unique?

  • We are entirely local. Our members and our recipients are all in the Greater Cleveland area.

  • Our giving is personal. Recipients are our friends, family members, or neighbors.

  • 100% of your membership is used to help our recipients. Our modest operating costs are covered through several fundraising events during the year.

  • Our application process is easy. Members can download our short application and submit it by email.

  • Our decisions are quick. Unexpected need can arise at any time. We can act on a request within days.

  • Assistance begins immediately. Once the Criteria Committee approves a request, the recipient will begin receiving the requested support.

What can you do?

Become a member! It’s that simple. Check out our video below. Meet some of our recipients here. Come to one of our fundraising events. Find out how to support our work.


it's that simple.

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40 years later.

We're better off together. Now more than ever.



Back in 1977, a small group of close friends from Cleveland’s west side got together for a casual Christmas lunch. Afterwards, they all threw in money to pay the bill. There was far more money than the bill required, so they decided to help out some of their friends in need. They made it an annual tradition and invited a new friend each year to the lunch. That simple act of generosity and kindness is how Friends Helping Friends got started.  Since our humble beginnings, FHF has raised and given away close to $1,000,000 to hundreds of people who have faced unexpected challenges.  Help us write another chapter in our story. Become a member today - together we will be more friends helping more friends. 


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