Hundreds of families.
Hundreds of friends.


How we work:

  1. Each FHF Member donates $150 or more every year and has the ability to sponsor (ask for assistance for) up to 2 friends who need help.

  2. We use the money we raise to help pay bills. buy groceries, take care of other needs that a recipient may be struggling with.

  3. We have fundraising events and membership events to raise more money so that we can help more people that we know.  

What makes us different:

We believe that people are inherently good. And because of that, we all want to help one another—so we’ve set out to bring that belief to life. Instead of donating your money to a charity and wondering what the organization does with it - or being unclear as to how much of your donation is actually going towards helping - now you can have all the answers to your questions. You’ll know the stories of the people you are helping, you’ll know that 100% of the money you give is being used to help someone, and to take things one step further, you can nominate people in your life who need help.

Because this charity has been around for over 40 years, we know what we are doing. We have an action-oriented Board of Directors with leaders who give Friends Helping Friends the structure and organization to actually make the wheels spin. So the money you give ends up in the hands of someone who needs it.

Who we help:

We help the friends of FHF Members who have fallen on hard times. When a FHF Member nominates someone who needs help, they simply submit a Request for Assistance Application that explains the situation. Then FHF’s Criteria Committee quickly reviews the information and, once approved by the Board, help is immediately on the way! This process is one that takes just days, not weeks.


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